experience conductor noun

ex·pe·ri·ence con·duc·tor |
\ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s \kən-ˈdək-tər

Definition of experience conductor

A: is an individual driven to create the world’s most inventive, artistic and immersive live show experiences to engage audiences

B: a person who conducts an experience is:

one who has the imagination to transform a storyline into an immersive event and show experience

one who never leaves sight of his vision
of the experience

one who ensures no element outshines the other and if they do, it is in the best interest of the experience

one who is not in the spotlight, but makes sure all the attention is on the overall experience

one who inspires all players to play their part and empowers them to exceed

one who understands how to sell the experience, controls the budget and carefully balances all the stakes surrounding the experience

Services of experience conductor

Creative producer

The experience conductor knows his interpretation of the composition and how it can be achieved.

Translates the clients’ message into a narrative that is communicated through a compelling storyline and is executable through an immersive live show or event concept. Being both a creative as well as a producer, he knows how to balance the budget without compromising on the vision behind the story line, the creative design, and the overall level of artistic execution. The creative producer sets a show in motion and surrounds himself with the with the best players suitable and co-creates with them on every element of the experience. The creative producer ensures every single player can work at the top of their ability and thereby leads a team to do the impossible and to achieve the unbelievable.

Creative Producer / Project Director / Show director for MCI Amsterdam for corporate client
Immersive, Artistic and Gastronomic dining experience by MCI Amsterdam for corporate client

Show director

The experience conductor leads the ensemble, dares to make critical changes to enhance the performance whilst maintaining close contact with every single musician, slowly making them own the show.

As a show director he carefully sets out his vision for the show, manages expectations, oversees and controls all lines of communication. Everything is meticulously planned, prepared and rehearsed and runs like clockwork.  Once the show starts the show director is there to provide trust and support to the team. Now is their moment to shine.

Christiaan Bollen

From the age of 6 Christiaan was inspired by the art of gastronomy, bringing people together to enjoy the senses. Assisting his family in decorating and arranging the family dinners instilled the dream of becoming an event professional at a very young age. To this date his career has allowed him to continuously realize his dreams and pursuit beyond. One of his most memorable moments to date was giving his daughter a grand tour of his show experiences, show her his magical world.

As Walt Disney famously quoted; all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them